Based on an existing structure of subsidiaries of UMI ASIA we offer the development and implementation of cost-effective and pragmatic internationalization solutions for exporting companies in Europe throughout the ASEAN countries and China. Our signature also works for Intra-ASEAN trade and for the market entry in Europe.

Especially for smaller companies and for startup companies we are prepared to share the market entry risk based on joint venture solution or a strategic alliance.

Management consulting services and building organizational capabilities are additional services that may be combined with all modes of entry.

In view of the constantly changing environment in international business, we follow the principles of Agile Internationalization. Learn more

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In a nutshell

The Umbrella Concept is based on an existing structure of fully fledged subsidiaries of UMI Asia that offer the development and implementation of cost-effective and pragmatic internationalization solutions for export companies throughout the ASEAN countries and China.
The concept provides our clients with an infrastructure in all target markets with the competence to deal with human resources, sales and distribution functions, local administration and authorities.
As a result, our clients are relieved of the administrative stress and uncertainty of internationalization, allowing them to immediately focus on sales without the burden of heavy organizational obligations.

How it works

Based on the specific requirements of the parent company, the local subsidiary of UMI Asia immediately identifies suitable candidates for the local sales representative. The sales person is then responsible for identifying the appropriate distribution channels in the country (“market organization”).
Once the parent company starts exporting to the target country, UMI Asia takes care of all export and logistic activities including organizing licenses, dealing with customs, etc. Warehouse and storage capacity will be provided.


Our long-standing experience has proven that the concept delivers outstanding benefits to our clients in terms of a fast entry, low risk, cost-effective and result-oriented approach to entering new markets. Combined with a carefully selected and diverse local network, the Umbrella Concept offers an unparalleled value for companies of different sizes across all industries.

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Learn more

Partnering with UMI ASIA

We offer companies who prefer to have their own legal entity in the envisaged host country in a cost-effective way, to enter into a joint venture with UMI ASIA or another local partner. This may be useful for legal or cost reasons. The identification of the suitable cooperation arrangement is part of the service.

Internationalization services for startup companies / natural born globals

Many startup companies see the opportunity to expand quickly into foreign markets. As the capital base is frequently weak, we offer to share the risk by offering joint venture solutions or strategic alliances that are tailor-made for this phase of company development. The search for suitable investors may be part of it.

Market entry studies / internationalization strategy

Market entry studies are conducted to identify the market potential and the target market. It consists of an overview of the economic and political environment, import terms and regulatory requirements in the target countries, a competitor analysis and screening of key customer segments and potential partners. The market entry is a vital input for the development of an internationalization strategy, which implies the assessment of strategic options in view of the specific profile of the client organization.

Project and change management

Internationalization needs to be backed up by a sound project management and an accompanying change management. As agile internationalization concepts require usually the establishment of alliances, cooperation management is an integral feature. UMI ASIA may join forces with the project team of the client. Roles can be restricted to coaching and training, but may include also the planning and execution of the internationalization projects, depending on the available human resources in the client company.

Organization and business processes

The expansion to foreign markets requires an adaptation of the organizational structures and processes both for the parent company and the activities abroad. UMI ASIA has proven concepts to keep the international organization lean and agile.

Development consulting

UMI ASIA developed an in-depth expertise especially in trade related issues and institution building that is relevant for programs in international development cooperation. Sector oriented projects can be supported in selected areas, e.g. infrastructure (environmental technologies, renewable energy, railway), health, education and private sector development (innovation, entrepreneurship and investment).

Besides supporting clients through our Umbrella Company Concept, UMI ASIA also offers tailor-made workshops and training modules to help build organizational capabilities for companies exploring new markets in Southeast Asia and China.

We at UMI ASIA firmly believe that strong organizational capabilities of both the parent company as well as the local country organization are the foundation of a successful expansion strategy. We work with you to identify your organizations needs and design tailor-made capability-building programs for your teams.

Some examples of our capability modules

  • Implementing the principles of agile internationalization
  • Successful Mergers & Acquisitions (M&As) in Southeast Asia
  • Purchasing & Supply Management foundations for Asian markets
  • Local Sourcing in ASEAN and China
  • Introduction to Thai business culture
  • Working in cross-cultural teams