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UMI Services

From strategic consulting to building organizational capabilites.

UMI Locations

Partners in Switzerland and seven Asian countries.

For 10 years, UMI Asia has dedicated itself to enable European companies to enter Asian markets successfully.

Our services offer a companionship for European business at any stage, from market potential assessment to strategy execution and implementation.

Our Umbrella Company concept allows a swift market entry for your company.
We support first movers as well as development of further presences across Asia.

Our pool of partners on both continents ensures an excellent know how of each country we serve, as well as a strong business network.

About Us

UMI Asia has been founded in 2012 in Switzerland. Since then we have had only one mission: to accompany our customers on their journeys across Asia and Europe.

We opened over the years branches in several countries in Asia. In parallel, we developed a strong partners network in Europe to offer strategic insights from our experts as well as operative capacities when it comes to settle in Asia or Europe.

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Our Services

UMI Asia offers a mix of strategic consulting and operative organization for our clients in all kinds of supports that you would expect from your own subsidiary.

With our network of European partners, we develop with you the best strategy for establishing or further developing your business in Asia or Europe.

When this step is achieved, we then offer support in building organizational and operational capabilities.

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